TETRAGONULA Carbonaria Bee
TETRAGONULA Carbonaria Bee
These accessories are only available with Hives or Bee Boxe's - P.O.A.
Styrofoam weather cover with strapping
To suit Double O.A.T.H.

Star Picket with Yellow Top

Email - ray@beesaussiestingless.com.au - Please supply Name address ph no if you need a reply                     
Wanted Native Stingless Bees - Want to Sell we will purchase - and split them for you
Double Splitter Box used to Split a Full Native Bee Hive Size 280x200x217
Price               $65.00
Use When Splitting a Hive
See Below
   Red Roof  P.O.A
  P.o.a Double Splitter O.A.T.H
Honey Super and Jar 
  .  Green Decorative FROG
P.o.a The Internals for a Double Splitter O.A.T.H with honey super and Honey jar
P.O.A. Double Splitter O.A.T.H.
For use when splitting a Hive
Composite Board, Termite proof, Moisture Resistant, Good Sound insulation
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