TETRAGONULA Carbonaria Bee
TETRAGONULA Carbonaria Bee
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Twelve month Guarantee -

         Our Guarantee things you need to be aware of:-

We Guarantee the survival of hives for One Year (12 Months) as long as they are treated properly, if your hive dies we will replace it, free of charge, upon return of the dead hive. Your hive will not be Guaranteed if it dies out due to the following Conditions.
*  Hive has been kept outside their natural environmental range 
*  Has not experienced Temperatures -
greater than  40c Degrees Celsius or prolonged cold periods  of less than 18c degrees Celsius
*  In Direct sunlight after 10:00am in the Summer.
*  Is Opened, Hive is Split, or has Honey extracted.
*  Insect attack, Small Hive Beatle, Flies, Spiders, Ants etc,
*  Excessive Cadaghi Tree Seeds. Poisons.
*  Hives Kept closer than 5 five Meters apart.
*  Hives fighting or Swarming.
*  Moving hives incorrectly, lack of Food.
*  Bee Flight Path obstructed.

Conditions that Validate this Guarantee 

1. Notify us of any sign of reduced activity or problems during the first 6 Months.
2. Take Photos of the inside of your hive if you suspect there is a problem, and Email it to me. do this with care when opening and sealing your hive.
3. You need to monitor the progress of your hive keeping a record.
4. Don't wait for 364 Days before notifying of a problem. inform us when a problem is suspected.

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Email: ray@beesaussiestingless.com.au