TETRAGONULA Carbonaria Bee
TETRAGONULA Carbonaria Bee
Extracts from “ The Australian Native Bee Book”
By Tim Heard
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Fast Facts - Natural enemies of stingless bees -  Page 196

Many Pests attack stingless bee hives but they can be managed.

The most destructive pests are those that enter the nest and feed on the contents (hive syrphid fly, hive phorid fly, small hive beetle).

Hives can be protected
from pest entry by good design and construction, and by following good management practices.

Some pests prey on foraging bees outside the hive ( e.g  Bembix wasps, assassin bugs, spiders). These are harder to control but rarely cause a major problem.

The stingless bee braconid wasp is a parasite that lays its eggs inside bees. This grisly creature is luckily not too common.

A potential Brood patheogen of hives has been identified, but currently extremely rare.

More Information is available from
“ The Australian Native Bee Book”

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