TETRAGONULA Carbonaria Bee
TETRAGONULA Carbonaria Bee
Extracts from “ The Australian Native Bee Book”
By Tim Heard
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Fast Facts - Understanding the Highly Social Bee - (page 24)

Honey Bees and Stingless bees display the most advanced social behaviour of all bees.

The three castes in each colony have defined roles: the queen lays all the eggs, the male drones fertilize the queens, and the sterile female workers do all the work.

Just like a worker bee, the queen comes from a fertilised egg, but she is reared in a larger cell and gets more food (and better food, in the case of honey bees).

Drones (males) arise from unfertilised eggs, so they inherit their genes from the queen.

As workers age, they pass through stages in which they do different jobs, first as house bees in the nest and then as foragers.

Although honeybees and stingless bees Share advanced social behaviour, it differs in fundamental ways.

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