TETRAGONULA Carbonaria Bee
TETRAGONULA Carbonaria Bee
Extracts from “ The Australian Native Bee Book”
By Tim Heard
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Fast Facts - Nesting in the highly social bees - Page 38

The highly social honeybees and stingless bees build complex nests for protection, to rear their young and store their food.
Honeybees use their hexagonal comb to both rear young and store food, but stingless bees rear their young in special brood cells and store food in large pots.
Stingless bees protect themselves
by constructing a strong nest wall and entrance tube, and with guard bees that bite and daub resin on intruders.
Honeybees maintain tight control of temperature in the nest. Stingless bees are less capable, but still exert moderately good control
Honeybees feed their young regularly, but stingless bees mass provision the brood cells.
Honeybees re use their Brood cells, while stingless bees destroy an rebuild the cells for each use.
Honeybees found a new colony by the sudden swarming of many workers and the old queen. Stingless bees first build a new nest and gradually move in with a new queen.

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